Mark van der Voorden Eliminated in 8th Place (£4,500)

Main Event Day 3
Level 30: 500,000/1,000,000 (1,000,000)
Entries: 7/609

Mark van der Voorden jammed from the cutoff for ten big blinds and was looked up by Sean O’Donnell from the small blind.

Mark van der Voorden: 3 3
Sean O'Donnell: 10 10

No miracle can for van der Voorden on the A 6 6 Q A board and van der Voorden was the first player eliminated at the official final table for £4,500. The remaining field each got a pay jump to £5,500. Meanwhile, O'Donnell took the chip lead after the hand.

Sean O’Donnell - 32 million
Mark van der Vordem - 0

Mark van der Voorden