Mikael Viggander Out in 4th Place (€16,200)

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 4/552

Mikael Viggander
Mikael Viggander

The eliminations keep happening at breakneck speed and now after a rather strange straight vs. set encounter we're down to three players already.

Mikael Viggander made it 200k to go from the button with 6 6 . Kristiansen called in the small blind with 10 9 .

Flop: 9 8 7 - Kristiansen bet 210k with his top pair and straight draw. Viggander called with his pair and inferior straight draw.

Turn: 6 - Kristiansen now bet 330k with his straight and Viggander called with his turned, but cursed set.

River: A - Now Kristiansen moved all-in for effectively 1,5m. Viggander thought for quite a while and eventually called.

This call meant the end of Mikael Viggander's tournament life. He took home €16,200 and Eirik Kristiansen took the chip lead once more.

Eirik Kristiansen - 9,500,000
Mikael Viggander - 0