Mischa Wieten Eliminated in 9th Place (€5,150)

€550 Main Event
Level 28: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 8/617

Balazs Somodi opened for 160,000 from the cutoff before Mischa Wieten three-bet jammed for 1.1 million from the big blind. Somodi called and it was a heads-up showdown with Wieten at risk.

Mischa Wieten: K J
Balazs Somodi: 10 10

Wieten was unable to win the flip and hit the rail in with place for €5,150 after he got nowhere on the 8 2 10 9 9 board.

The final eight players each locked up at least €6,250 after Wieten was eliminated by Somodi. Meanwhile, we had our first lead change at the final table with Somodi becoming the final table captain after the hand.

Balazs Somodi - 4.7 million
Mischa Wieten - 1.0 million

Mischa Wieten