Mystery Bounty Begins

The two-day €250 Mystery Bounty is a new event on The Festival Series schedule. It is about to kickoff with 44 players already registered including Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk, Sascha Manns, and The Chip Race podcast co-host David Lappin.

Lappin just busted in seventh place in the €250 The Hendon Mob Championship for €900. He hasn't had enough poker yet today and immediately hopped into the Mystery Bounty event.

Meanwhile, Antoine Degiorgio and Sami Pulliainen dropped by for a chat on the break of the €250 PLO Freezeout, which grew to 66 entries by the time late registration closed for a €14,256 prize pool. They were both asking about how a mystery bounty tournament works. I quickly explained and they said if they bust the PLO Freezeout they now have a back-up plan.

In case you are wondering how a mystery bounty event works, it is quite simple. Part of the prize pool, in this case €100 per player entered, will be placed into a mystery bounty prize pool. The action on the first day will play as normal with no bounties collected. Each player that advanced to Day 2 will have a mystery bounty on their head and will collect a random prize based on how much is collected for each player they eliminate. This is in addition to the normal prize pool and adds a fun element to tournament poker.