Nines Have Been Kind to Holmsten

€550 Main Event
Level 27: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 9/617

More fireworks were launched two hands after Andreas Holmsten got a lucky double. Mischa Wieten opened for 130,000 from the lojack with Q J . Holmsten three-bet jammed for 760,000 from the hijack with 9 9 .

Oystein Brenden woke up with K K from the cutoff and jammed for 1,300,000 and Wieten quickly got out of the way.

Holmsten was behind again. This time by a much further margin with Oystein holding an overpair. 

However, the poker gods are on Holmsten’s side early in the event with the 6 10 7 8 3 running out on the board and once again doubled despite being behind when the chips went into the pot.

Andreas Holmsten - 1.7 million
Oystein Brenden - 545,000