Oskar “Deckflow” Ojaveer Leads the Hendon Mob Championship

The Hendon Mob €250 Championship drew in 102 entries during the opening day. ACR Stormer bagged the overall chip lead with 15 players left. The returning Day 2 players will be in the money for at least a min-cash. Payouts will be posted after they are made publicly available. In the meantime, here is the Day 2 Seat Draw.

61Stavros Tsakas72,000
62Colin Lovelock126,000
63David Lappin235,000
64Oskar "Deckflow" Ojaveer369,000
65Neville Grech94,000
66Dukai Csongor326,000
67Paula Ensink93,000
68Andreas Simml112,000
91Jonas Engedal201,000
92Kevin Malone167,000
93Daniele Coroneo83,000
95Alexander van Dijk157,000
96Morgan Stenberg289,000
97Vallo Maidla65,000
98Daniel Kuhlmann173,000
Jimmy Dewerdt & Oskar "Deckflow" Ojaveer