Peter Nordin Bubbles The Festival in Tallinn Main Event

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 71/552

This was a very quick bubble! Well, it was no proper bubble at all, at least no hand-for-hand play.

Right after Poland's Unibet qualifier, Arkadiusz Liszewski busted in 73rd position an all-in and call happened on table 9.

Peter Nordin was all-in with Q Q against the WPT Global package winner Oleksandra Shenderei with K K .

The board didn't help the Swede as it fell A 10 4 2 J .

All the remaining players cheered and have secured at least €1,100 now.

Oleksandra Shenderei - 300,000
Peter Nordin - 0