PLO Masterclass Host JJ Hazan in Action

Level 1: 1,000/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 56/58

JJ Hazan will be conducting a PLO Masterclass on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 9:30 a.m. at the Crowne Plaza. His class got rave reviews the last time he hosted during The Festival Series Bratislava in the autumn and is perfect for those that need a refresher on the game and fine-tuning on its strategy. Don't worry if you never played before, as by the end you will be ready to compete in one of the many PLO events on the schedule.

Meanwhile, Hazan is also in the PokerListings Championship but is off to a slow start. We caught what we learned was the second of his bluffs on Level 1.

Both Hazan and Adrian Lovelock checked with the 6 7 8 4 on the board after the turn before Hazan fired out for 8,000 into a pot of 15,000 after the 2 river completed the board.

"I don't think you are bluffing again," Lovelock said.

Time was winding down on the 30-second shot clock before he opted to call.

"Of course, I can bluff again when I don't have it," Hazan said before turning over the Q 10 . Lovelock turned over 9 8 for the top pair to win the hand.

Adrian Lovelock - 250,000
JJ Hazan - 175,000