Rando Liiber Out in 6th Place (€9,100)

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 5/552

Rando Liiber
Rando Liiber

Rando Liiber found J J UTG and raised to 180k. In the Cut-Off Eirik Kristiansen picked up A 6 and called.

Now Kristoffer Winterstein looked down at Q Q and made it 680k to go. Liiber quickly moved all-in for 2,900k and after Kristiansen got out of the way, Winterstein called.

Board: J 7 4 -Q -6

Suck, Resuck and in the end, Rando Liiber was left with only one chip - 100k.

His last chip went in with 7 5 against Jari Mähönen who had him dominated with 7 7 . The flop came down Q 6 5 -K -6 and this meant the end of Rando Liiber's tournament life.

Kristoffer Winterstein - 6,000,000
Rando Liiber - 0