Salvatore Ritrovato Wins Texas Surprise After Five-Way Deal

The €125 Texas Surprise attracted 131 entries to create a €13,834 prize pool. Salvatore Ritrovato won the event for €2,230 after agreeing to a five-way deal with Alfredo Cuti, Kei Yaegashi, Leonard White, and Vadim Gercev. The other four players mentioned each received an equal prize of €2,130 each.

1Salvatore Ritrovato€2,230
2Alfredo Cuti€2,130
3Kei Yaegashi€2,130
4Leonard White€2,130
5Vadim Gercev€2,130
6Niko Korhonen€550
7Marko Nynynen€410
8Kai Muller€320
9Ingela Charlez€250
10Ismo Kero€250
11Ja Iversen€250
12Shane O'Dwyer€250
13Stuart Griffith€200
14Aleksiy Baranovskiy€200
15Andreas Sanden€200
16Alessandra Cuntro€200
Salvatore Ritrovato