Snowmen Kind for Arjut; No Love with Fish Hooks for Malmi

Main Event Day 1b
Level 5: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 98/114

Day 1b of the Main Event is already on its first break. We caught up with several players including Allan Arjut who shared how he lost some chips before tripling up to 415,000 in chips with eights against a player with queens and another player with sevens.

Meanwhile, things went less well for both Neil "TwinnyPoker" Edwards who is on the rail, and Ninna Malmi who is down to just 16 big blinds. Malmi shared she lost a chunk of her stack with jacks against ace-queen and is down to 48,000. Plenty of time to spin this up and we wish our friend Malmi the best of luck in doing so.

Allan Arjut - 415,000
Ninni Malmi - 48,000
Neil Edwards - 0

Ninni Malmi