Talica Flips to a Trip to Malta

The Franke's Flip Flops ended last night. Alexandru Talica was sweating the flips while also working his way to the final table at the £230 PLO Freezeout.

His six flip victories, which he notched up after Wednesday's flip session was the most out of any of the players at The Festival Series Nottingham at Dusk Till Dawn.

Not only did he win buy-ins to many events during this festival but also won a package valued at €1,600 to The Festival Series Malta at Portomaso Casino from May 15-21 but will also take home a frame pair of Franke's actual flip flops as a trophy.

Congrats to Talica for out-flipping the competition and see you in Malta.

Alexandru Talica
Alexandru Talica
PlayerFlips Won
Alexandru Talica6
Vasile Margarit4
Mick Smith3
Allan Arjut3
Isaac Barker3
Ole Wasenius3
William Lynch2
Lindsay Smith2
Oystein Brenden2
Erik Hamre2
Marko Keskel2
Yuzhou Yin1
Daniel Pilgrim1
Joseph Jackson1
Marius Morel1
Mattias Lars Eklund1
Mehrban Iranshad1
Mengxin Zhang1
Michael London1
Annika Anni1
Tuomas Roppanen1
Aki Nevalainen 1
Nicholas Hadley1
Robert Nur1
Jari Karkkainen1
Christopher Janlow1
Saied Yolmeh1
Sturla Hiller1
Ricky Fawcett1
JJ Hazan1
Vlad Costas1
Conor Oldroyd1
Peter Raeburn1