Time to Get on Your HORSE(S)

We can proudly say that The Festival Series Bratislava has officially kicked off with the first non-satellite event underway in Event #2: €550 Mixed Main Event - HORSES Day 1a.

There was no typo there, it is HORSES rather than HORSE as The Festival Series founder Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk opted to try something new with a big mixed game event that incorporates all the games of HORSE alongside Sviten Special.

The games will rotate among the six different poker formats with players starting with a big stack of 30,000 in chips and blinds increasing slowly at every 30 minutes. The event boasts three starting flights from Nov. 26-28 before players battle it out down to a winner on Day 2 on Nov. 28. Check out the different games on rotation below:

  • H - Hold'em
  • O - Omaha
  • R - Razz
  • S - Stud
  • E - Stud h/l
  • S - Sviten Special

While you are maybe familiar with the standard games of HORSE you might be less familiar with Sviten Special. We will break down the rules of Sviten Special later on in our coverage, especially considering there is also a €250 Sviten Special tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Franke made some introductions along with explaining the tournament before taking his seat with the event beginning with nine players. Rest assured that this is just the start as players can re-enter throughout the 12 blind levels of Day 1a and if they fail to bag can take another stab or three at it during tomorrow's Day 1b. Players surviving the two opening flights will meet for one final day on Tuesday and battle it out until a winner is crowned.

Joining Franke in the early action are Sviten Special author Martin Smith, Wouter Schuurbiers, Bas de Laat, Barrie Dear, Philippe Laval, Liking Saiyasely, Sandeep Nene, and Georgi Voomets.