Vegard Andreassen Eliminated in 6th Place (£7,000)

Main Event Day 3
Level 30: 500,000/1,000,000 (1,000,000)
Entries: 5/609

The Main Event just witnessed its third quick elimination since the break. Here is how it went down.

Vegard Andreassen jammed for about 5 big blinds from under the gun and was up against Ignacio Menendez from the small blind.

Vegard Andreassen: Q 8
Ignacio Menendez: 9 9

Andreassen was unable to improve on the 2 J 10 3 2 board and Andreassen was eliminated in sixth place for £7,000.

Ignacio Menendez - 19 million
Vegard Andreassen - 0

Vegard Andreassen