Welcome to the Final Day of The Festival Series Malta

Oystein Brenden

It has been a fantastic week at Portomaso Casino but all good things eventually do come to an end in life and such is the case with The Festival Malta as we are on our final day.

Goodbyes have already been said to many that left this morning but many more are still around to play in two ongoing events and three new events.

The €250 Seniors 49+ is a one-of-a-kind event as this author doesn't remember a Seniors Event where the minimum age was 49. We will see some "kids" in the field that are just 49 years old including The Festival Series Founder Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk. Franke will be busy as he also bagged chips in the €250 Mystery Bounty Day 2 which kicks off at 2 p.m. He has already shared he plans to play both events and perhaps also the €1,100 OFC High Roller that Franke has claimed the title at The Festival Series in the past.

Everyone can enjoy the Low Roller at 1 p.m. as it features only a €70 buy-in, while the €550 Main Event takes center stage as it is down to just 16 players. Our coverage will focus on all of the events until a final table is reached. However, the final day will be live-streamed from the beginning until the end and you can follow the coverage by clicking on the Stream tab in our coverage or by heading to TheFestivalOG on Twitch. We will also change things up where we will be posting the late results from yesterday's event in today's coverage.

Norway's Oystein Brenden heads into the final day of the Main Event with the chip lead with 2,240,000 in chips. Gytis Juskevicius, Andreas Holmsten, Stian Nostdahl, Balazs Somodi, Dario Barone, and Luigi D’Alterio all advanced with at least 1 million in chips. Meanwhile, Mischa Wieten, Annika Haaviste, Clausin Sanz, Shimon Hagay, Matthew Micallef, Jelmer Schuurmans, Andras Balogh, and Kerrien Clement are also still in the hunt for the title.

Main Event Final Day Seat Draw

TableSeatPlayerChipsBig Blinds
11Clausin Sanz745,00030
12Jelmer Schuurmans520,00021
13Oystein Brenden2,240,00090
14Andreas Holmsten1,730,00069
15Mischa Wieten970,00039
16Matthew Micallef650,00026
17Annika Haaviste940,00038
18Dario Barone1,550,00062
21Luigi D’Alterio1,275,00051
22Samuel Stranak1,280,00051
23Andras Balogh480,00019
24Stian Nostdahl1,695,00068
25Shimon Hagay710,00028
26Gytis Juskevicius1,840,00074
27Balazs Somodi1,625,00065
28Kerrien Clement475,00019

May 21st Schedule

12 p.m.Event #50: €250 Seniors 49+
1 p.m.Event #48: €60 Low Roller
2 p.m.Event #8: €550 Main Event Day 3
2 p.m.Event #44: €250 Mystery Bounty Day 2
4 p.m.Event #49: €1,100 OFC High Roller