William Lynch Wins the PLO 4/5/6 After Five-Way Deal

The €250 PLO 4/5/6 attracted 72 entries to create a €15,550 prize pool. William Lynch, Sander Mets, Boon Wan Lee, Bianca Essers, and Yann de Tychey all agreed to a five-way deal. Lynch and Mets both collected the same €2,900 prize but Lynch was crowned the winner.

1William Lynch€2,900
2Sander Mets€2,900
3Boon Wan Lee€2,750
4Bianca Essers€2,200
5Yann de Tychey€2,150
6Soner Vanelderen€890
7Pavol Guris€690
8Bjorne Lindberg€570
9Mark Adams€500
William Lynch