Winner to be Crowned Today in the Heads-Up

Heads-Up Championship
Level 1: 200/500 (500)
Entries: 8/16

It was just announced before the start of the quarterfinals that the Heads Up event will be a one-day event instead of finishing tomorrow. Here is a final tally of the opening matches.

  • Michael Skeldon defeated Henry Strudwick
  • Emmanuele Ovey defeated Samuel Antonius
  • Dean Brett defeated Yin Yuzhou
  • Eugen Margarit defeated Adam Neal
  • Tarajmeer Kakar defeated Ali Ayub
  • Isaac Barker defeated Arian Hassankashini
  • Jacob Dideriksen-Nielsen defeated Adam Maxwell
  • Ben Courtney defeated Robert Nur

Payouts were also announced with tonight's winner taking home £1,550. Two other players will also win prizes in this event with second place taking home £954 and third place winning £600. This means there will also be a match between third and fourth places while the final match is taking place to determine the winner.

Meanwhile, here is a look at the quarterfinal match-ups.

  • Margarit Eugen vs. Brett Dean
  • Tarajmeer Kakar vs. Jacob Dideriksen-Nielsen
  • Isaac Barker vs. Ben Courtney
  • Emmanuel Ovey vs. Michael Skeldon
Michael Skeldon