Lucky sevens for Andras Halasi

Andras Halasi

The Hungarian Andras Halasi was among the chip leaders quite some time this tournament but in the past levels it seemed like lady luck had departed him. Maybe she had but now she just came through for him. He shoved all-in from middle position with 70k chips (roughly 11 big blinds) and his fellow countryman Oleksandr Lizanets called the all-in.


  • Halasi: 7-7
  • Lizanets: T-T

Lizanets was a massive favourite to double up, but the dealer turned a seven on the flop as the board came down 8-7-5-A-Q. With his set Halasi doubled up to more than 150k chips. That’s still below average stack, but at least gives him a fighting chance to survive the bubble.