Mania Goes Mad with Pocket Pairs

You wouldn't think it to look at him

Quite a fun one here, as Henry Mania min-raised to 200k under the gun with 5 5 and called a reraise to 500k from Adi Rajkovic a couple seats down with A 10 .

Flop: J 4 A

Mania checked his pair of fives; Rajkovic, now ahead with a pair of aces, checked behind.

Turn: an irrelevant 7 - and Mania now open-shoved for 1.5 million! Rajkovic barely gave it any thought before folding the better hand. Extraordinary.

Next hand, Dushko Bogoevsky raised with Q J - only to fold it to a 2 million shove from Mania holding a more reasonable pocket queens on the button. We're starting to wonder whether Mania's in danger of missing his flight or something.