Mania Totally Loses It (4th Place, €20,500)

Adi Rajkovic had eaten into Henry Mania's lead after min-raising with 6 7 under the gun and getting just a flat call from Mania holding 6 6 in the big blind.

The flop came down 10 8 10 and Mania, though he was no longer dominating, bet 400k. Rajkovic flat-called with his gutshot and flush draw. Mania bet out another 400k on the 2 turn and again Rajkovic called, and they saw the river: the A . Mania checked this time but Rajkovic, now in possession of a flush, bet. Mania folded, but dropped to 6.4 million.

Next hand, Mania made it to the turn of a 6 9 4 7 board before opting to just jam with 5 7 . Unfortunately for him, Rajkovic had A 3 for the nut flush (the K river changed nothing), and Rajkovic was up to 10 million.

Suddenly crippled to just 1.3 million, Mania whacked it in from the button with K 8 but got a quick call from David Vedral holding A 10 in the big blind. The 6 7 Q Q 10 board couldn't help him, and just like that, Mania was gone.