Manic hand between Ugoccioni and Mania

Michael Uguccioni and Hanry Mania

On table 18 we just witnessed a ridiculous hand between Henry Mania and Michael Uguccioni.

On a turn of A 10 6 5 there were 400k in the middle.

Uguccioni checked, Mania bet out 100k and Uguccioni checkraised to 305k. Mania called. So far so normal.

The river fell 3 and now Uguccioni fumbled with his chips a bit. He had 40k (the minimum allowed bet) in his fingers and was about to move them over the betting line. He had not let the chips go when Henry Mania exclaimed “all-in!”.

Now Uguccioni was confused as he didn’t know whether his bet was standing or not. The dealer explained that Mania bet out of turn and Ugucciono could take back his bet. The tournament director came over and confirmed this.

Ugucciono inquired what happened if he still wanted to bet 40k. The tournament director explained that then the action would start new and Mania could decide what to do. Uguccioni thought for a bit and bet 40k.

Now Mania jumped out of his chair and exclaimed again: “All-in, I said that already!”.

Uguccioni looked flabbergasted that his min bet didn’t change anything. Mania requested “time!”. After the tournament director counted down 30 seconds Uguccioni eventually folded his hand.

Mania turned over 8 5 for a ridiculous bet and an entertaining show while Uguccioni looked defeated.