Adi Rajkovic Out in 2nd Place (€45,130)

Martin Mauthner
Martin Mauthner takes it all down

And we have a winner. Martin Mauthner wins the first Festival in Bratislava against Adi Rajkovic.

Let's take a look at the final hand.

Mauthner limped with K 3 and Rajkovic checked with J 10 in the Big Blind.

Flop: K 9 5 after a check Mauthner bet 500k and Rajkovic called.

Turn: K - same action: check / bet 1m / call.

River: 10 - Rajkovic had rivered a pair and checked again. Mauther moved all-in with his trips. For Rajkovic it was 2.8m chips more. He decided his chances to win are good enough an he called the all-in.

Of course Rajkovic's pair had no chance against Mauthners trips and just like that heads-up was over.

We'll post a full recap in a bit.