Mitrovski Busto in 16th

While Frank Reichel was busy busting out in 17th place, Marjan Mitrovski had whacked it in from the small blind with 3 4 , only to get a call from Tor Welo holding A 5 in the big blind. The board ran out a decisive A A 7 3 Q , and Mitrovski thought he was a goner - but it turned out he had 45k in change. That's one big blind.

After folding for a few hands, he did manage to double up and recovered to around 300k, but it couldn't last. Eventually he pushed with K 7 under the gun, and it folded around to Martin Mauthner in the big blind, who looked at one card: A . Then he looked at the other card: A . He called, as you do, and although Mitrovski flopped a flush draw, the aces ultimately held and he's out in 16th place for €2,700.