More for Mauthner

We're now at that delightful stage in the day when cries of "Seat open!" are reverberating around the room with pleasing frequency. Lates to hit the rail is Per Lindqvist, who got it in with Q 9 for second pair and a flush draw on a J 9 7 flop. Martin Mauthner made the call with K J for top pair and a better flush draw, leaving Lindqvist drawing thin. Neither the 10 turn nor the Q helped Lindqvist any, but rather made Mauthner a straight, increasing the latter's stack to over 90k.

Other players who have bitten the tournament dust recently include Attila Kuna, Charalampos Chatzithoma, Emil Karhu and Joni Helenius. Seventy-one players remain of 129 entries.