More for Mauthner

There was already over 150k in the pot and a full 6 9 6 5 8 board on the felt when I arrived; three players were the hand. Michal Janczarski checked from the big blind over to Martin Mauthner, who bet 87k. Vlada Petrovich made the call, Janczarski folded, and Mauthner turned over 9 9 for a flopped full house. I'm actually not sure whether Janczarski showed his hand - if he did, he threw his cards in the muck very fast. He seemed quite upset about it though, so I suppose a smaller full house is a possibility as well as the obvious straights and flushes.

Mauthner is now up to 540k. Having his right arm in a sling (he tells me he had some sort of operation on it) doesn't seem to have affected his ability to raise.