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  • Franke Among the Five The Festival Series Malta Champions on Day 4

Franke Among the Five The Festival Series Malta Champions on Day 4

Franke Among the Five The Festival Series Malta Champions on Day 4

Day 4 of The Festival Series Malta was rocking at Portomaso Casino with five new winners crowned including Cory Desmond, Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk, Kai Muller, William Lynch, and Tobias Bollman.

Read on to learn more:

Cory Desmond Wins High Roller (€18,000)

Cory Desmond

Cory Desmond agreed to a heads-up deal with Domenico Zappia to win the €18,000 top prize in the €1,100 NLHE High Roller. Zappia collected nearly as much with a €17,500 payout. The High Roller attracted a field of 70 entries to create a €67,200 prize pool.

Ewen Trevidy, Alberto Cigliano, Raoul van Wersch, Daniel Oliver, Gyorgy Laszlo, Alexander van Dijk, and Balazs Somodi were among the players to cash for at least a €2,200 min-cash.

1Cory Desmond€18,000
2Domenico Zappia€17,500
3Ewen Trevidy€8,100
4Alberto Cigliano€6,600
5Raoul van Wersch€5,300
6Daniel Oliver€4,000
7Gyorgy Laszlo€3,000
8Alexander van Dijk€2,500
9Balazs Somodi€2,200

Franke Wins the HORSE After Four-Way Deal

Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk

The Festival Series Founder Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk has done it again. Franke was low on chips early on in the €250 HORSE event which attracted 69 entries for a €14,904 prize pool. But he ran his stack up before taking many unscheduled breaks. He even sat out the first portion of the final table.

However, when there were four players left, Franke had the chip lead and made a deal with Antti Tianen, Petri Juurikkala, and Per Gjelten where each of the four players collected a €2,850 payout. 

“How easy is it?” Franke said after the win before joking. “I don’t even know all the rules and yet still won against HORSE pros like Sascha Manns.”

Franke is being modest as last year he took third place in the EPT Prague €550 HORSE. Congrats to Franke for winning the trophy and all of the players that cashed this fun mixed-game event.

1Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk€2,850
2Antti Tianen€2,850
3Petri Juurikkala€2,850
4Per Gjelten€2,850
5Julien Teissedre€980
6Martin Smith€790
7Eva Jiretorn€650
8Igor Panak€560
9Mikael Grovnik€504

William Lynch Wins the PLO 4/5/6

William Lynch

The €250 PLO 4/5/6 attracted 72 entries to create a €15,550 prize pool. William Lynch, Sander Mets, Boon Wan Lee, Bianca Essers, and Yann de Tychey all agreed to a five-way deal. Lynch and Mets both collected the same €2,900 prize but Lynch was crowned the winner.

1William Lynch€2,900
2Sander Mets€2,900
3Boon Wan Lee€2,750
4Bianca Essers€2,200
5Yann de Tychey€2,150
6Soner Vanelderen€890
7Pavol Guris€690
8Bjorne Lindberg€570
9Mark Adams€500

CasinoTogether's Tobias Bollman Wins Matching Visions Slots Tournament

Tobias Bollman

CasinoTogether’s Tobias Bollman showed how it was done as he shipped the €125 Matching Visions Slot Tournament for a cool €1,000. He seemed down but out but in his final few spins hit the biggest one of them all to win the event.

Meanwhile, the runner-up Arturs Pomerancevs also had an incredible run. He normally plays micro-stakes online and won a package for €11 to The Festival Series Bratislava from our partner Optibet. This is also his first poker festival and was a pleasure to meet him while playing the Slots Tournament. Despite busting the Main Event earlier today, Pomerancevs at least has a good story to remember about his experience at The Festival Series Malta.

Nils Vadenbring also cashed after finishing in third place.

This author also took a break and played in the Slots Tournament as well. Although I didn't come close to the money, I had a fabulous time and got to meet a few new players including Pomerancevs.

1Tobias Bollman€1,000
2Arturs Pomerancevs€600
3Nils Vadenbring€300

Kai Muller Wins Thursday Turbo Midnight Madness

Kai Muller & Friends

Despite the title, the €125 Thursday Turbo Midnight Madness kicked off at 9 p.m. The action was still going strong at midnight and it wasn’t until slightly after 2 a.m. that Kai Muller defeated Rinalds Zimka to win the title and the €3,190 top prize.

The event attracted 112 entries to create a €11,827 prize pool. Here is a look at all of the players that cashed in the Thursday Turbo Midnight Madness:

1Kai Muller€3,190
2Rinalds Zimka€2,330
3Martynas Brazdzionis€1,330
4Remy Hendrix€1,047
5Scott “Pokerbrahs” Kenyon€850
6Shota Burjandaze€730
7Elon Perry€550
8Matiss Celmis€420
9Theodoros Konstantinidis€290
10Salvatore Ritrovato€240
11Or Gur€240
12Jelmer Schuurmans€240
13Gianni Palmisano€240
14Markou Volgko€130

Adam Briggs Wins Two Cash Game Challenge Sessions

Adam Briggs

Congrats to Adam Briggs for winning both Cash Game Challenges last night. He booked a €560 profit (280 big blinds) in the €2/€2 Omaha and another €532 profit (266 big blinds) in €2/€2 no-limit hold’em.

This is still miles behind The Festival Series Founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk on the Cash Game Challenge leaderboard which the winner will win a €1,600 package to The Festival Series Bratislava at Banco Casino on Nov. 27 to Dec. 3. Franke miraculously won €6,300 in the €2/€2 Omaha Cash Game Challenge on May 15 and this will be tough for anyone to beat.

DateGamePlayerProfitBig Blinds
May 15€2/€2 NLHEHugo Loustrau€416208
May 15€2/€2 PLOMartin “Franke” von Zweigbergk€6,3003,150
May 16€2/€2 NLHETobias Bollman€610305
May 16€2/€2 PLOJack Holland€637318.5
May 17€2/€2 PLOMartins Geiba€1,008504
May 18€2/€2 PLOAdam Briggs€560280
May 18€2/€2 NLHEAdam Briggs€532266

May 19th Schedule

Day 5 of The Festival Series Malta is set to be another big one. Not only will the final two flights of the €550 Main Event kick off today but today is also the start of the two-day €250 The Hendon Mob Championship. The €125 The Festival Queens, hosted by poker presenter Laura Cornelius, is bound to be tons of fun for the ladies in attendance. 

Here is a look at today’s schedule. Of course, there are hospitality activities today for those with the hospitality package, Franke’s Flip Flops running from 9 p.m. until 11 p.m., and cash games running nonstop on the casino floor.

12 p.m.Event #8: €550 Main Event Day 1d
1 p.m.Event #34: €250 Open Face Chinese
4 p.m.Event #35: €250 The Hendon Mob Championship Day 1
4 p.m.Event #36: €125 The Festival Queens (Ladies Event) 
7 p.m.Event #37: €125 Texas Surprise
8 p.m.Event #38: €5/€5 NLHE Cash Game Challenge
8 p.m.Event #8: €550 Main Event Day 1e Turbo
9 p.m.Event #39: €125 PLO/PLO8
10:30 p.m.Event #40: €5/€5 PLO Cash Game Challenge
11 p.m.Event #41: €125 Texas Turbo Challenge