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  • Oystein Brenden Leads The Festival Series Malta Main Event

Oystein Brenden Leads The Festival Series Malta Main Event

Oystein Brenden Leads The Festival Series Malta Main Event

Saturday's penultimate day at The Festival Series Malta was tons of fun for the plethora of players at Portomaso Casino. Many winners were crowned and the The Festival Series €550 Main Event played down to just 16 hopefuls with Brenden Oystein leading the way heading into Sunday's final day.

Read on to learn more about what happened on Saturday's Day 6 of The Festival Series Malta:

Oystein Brenden Leads the Final 16 in the Main Event

Norway's Oystein Brenden is a familiar face at The Festival Series as the Norwegian has been to many of our events over the past couple of years. Now, he is in a prime position to enter his name into The Festival Series history books as he leads the final 16 players in The Festival Series €550 Main Event after being the only player to advance to the final day with at least 2 million in chips.

Gytis Juskevicius, Andreas Holmsten, Stian Nostdahl, Balazs Somodi, Dario Barone, and Luigi D’Alterio all bagged at least 1 million in chips. Meanwhile, Mischa Wieten, Annika Haaviste, Clausin Sanz, Shimon Hagay, Matthew Micallef, Jelmer Schuurmans, Andras Balogh, and Kerrien Clement are also still in the hunt for the title.

The final 16 players have each locked up at least a €3,000 cash with much more to come with tonight's winner slated to go home with a €60,700 top prize.

Oystein Brenden
PlayerChipsBig Blinds
Oystein Brenden2,240,00090
Gytis Juskevicius1,840,00074
Andreas Holmsten1,730,00069
Stian Nostdahl1,695,00068
Balazs Somodi1,625,00065
Dario Barone1,550,00062
Samuel Stranak1,280,00051
Luigi D’Alterio1,275,00051
Mischa Wieten970,00039
Annika Haaviste940,00038
Clausin Sanz745,00030
Shimon Hagay710,00028
Matthew Micallef650,00026
Jelmer Schuurmans520,00021
Andras Balogh480,00019
Kerrien Clement475,00019

Jonas Engedal Wins The Hendon Mob Championship (€6,100)

Jonas Engedal

Jonas Engedal shipped the €250 The Hendon Mob Championship for €6,100 after he defeated Danielle Coroneo heads-up to claim both The Festival Series and The Hendon Mob glory. Engedal earned a framed sketch of himself as a trophy from The Festival Series on top of the trophy provided by The Hendon Mob for all their Championships.

Engedal, who is originally from Norway but calls Malta his home, was over the moon about his win and is one of the nicest guys in the poker community. We couldn't be any happier for Engedal and look forward to seeing him again at future The Festival Series events.

The two-day event attracted 102 entries to create a €22,032. Here is a look at all of the payouts:

1Jonas Engedal€6,100
2Danielle Coroneo€3,800
3Stavros Tsakas€2,400
4Oskar “Deckflow” Ojaveer€1,800
5Daniel Kuhlmann€1,482
6Paula Ensink€1,200
7David Lappin€900
8Morgan Stenberg€700
9Vallo Maidla€590
10Neville Grech€530
11Sander van Dijk€530
12Colin Lovelock€500
13Kevin Malone€500
14Dukai Csongor€500
15Andreas Simml€500

Sami Korpula Wins the Sportsbook Tournament (€526)

Sami Korpela

The €125 Sportsbook Tournament of The Festival Series Malta attracted 12 participants on Saturday. Their job was to predict the outcome of five British Premier League games and two Italian Serie A games.

There were some upsets among these games. Therefore, it is natural that nobody was able to predict all the games correctly.

When the dust settled we had two winners with the same result with five correct predictions/points, and the decider was then the total number of goals made during these seven games which they also predicted with the total adding up to 20 goals.

Sami Korpela won the top prize of €526 after picking the goals figure exactly correct while Kenneth Heinsvig collected €280 for his runner-up performances after predicting 14 goals.  

Behind these winners, we had a lot of players on four and three points, and dead last with only one point, the self-proclaimed Sportsbook Pro and founder of the Festival Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk. “Franke” has won this event before so this is just a small needle to the man that created The Festival Series from the ground up.

Thank you to all that participated and we look forward to hosting this same event at The Festival Series Bratislava at Banco Casino on Nov. 27 until Dec. 3.

1Sami Korpela€5265 Points – 20 Goals
2Kenneth Heinsvig€2805 Points – 14 Goals

Daniele Marchesani Wins the PLO Freezeout (€4,480)

Daniele Marchesani Wins PLO Freezeout

Daniele Marchesani defeated Sami Turunen heads-up to win the €4,480 top prize in the €250 PLO Freezeout. The Freezeout attracted 66 unique players to create a €14,256 top prize. The final table of this event was live-streamed on our TheFestivalOG Twitch channel.

Here is a look at all of the payouts and congrats to all of the winners!

1Daniele Marchesani€4,480
2Sami Turunen€3,160
3Sean O'Donnell€2,260
4James Hopkins€1,786
5Sander Mets€1,140
6Philippe Laval€830
7Joseph Wilkinson€600

Andreas Sanden Wins the PLO Midnight Madness After Five-Way Deal

Andreas Sanden

Andreas Sanden agreed to a five-way deal with Sami Pulliainen, Peder Behr, Toomas Orm, and Julien Teissedre before being crowned the champion in the €125 PLO Midnight Madness on Saturday evening to win €1,600. Two players in Orm and Teissedre collected more but Sanden was crowned the champion.

1Andreas Sanden€1,600
2Sami Pulliainen€1,530
3Peder Behr€1,250
4Toomas Orm€1,800
5Julien Teissedre€1,740
6Rita Paus€560
7Marius Morel€410
8Erik Ohnstad€325
9Allan Arjut€285

Rolf Bechstrom Wins a Framed Pair of Franke's Flip Flops

While Sami Korpela did manage to win the Sportsbook Tournament he suffered a cooler last night in the Franke's Flip Flops competition.

Korpela entered the final day of the flips with the most flips won after binking five different flips. The flips were running non-stop last night from 9 p.m. until 11 p.m. giving Rolf Bechstrom enough time to win three more flips to push him ahead for six flip victories in the week to win the Franke's Flip Flops competition.

Not only was he profitable in the rake-free flips but he also win a package valued at €1,600 to The Festival Series Bratislava on Nov. 27 to Dec. 3 at Banco Casino. This is not all, as he will take home a framed pair of Franke's Flip Flops. Bechstrom was asking Franke last night if he could just wear them now. Franke insisted that they were stinky but Bechstrom was up for it anyway. So we won't be surprised if the frame gets broken and we see Bechstrom walking around in the same flip flops Franke was wearing all week.

Franke Wins the Cash Game Challenge

Throughout the week, The Festival Series Malta hosted Cash Game Challenge sessions where the player that won the most big blinds during any individual session would be crowned the Cash Game Challenge champion.

The Festival Series Founder Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk blew up the challenge the first day it ran by winning a whopping 3,150 for €6,300 in a €2/€2 PLO Cash Game Challenge session.

Nobody else even came close. So, a huge congrats to Franke for not only winning the challenge but also a package valued at €1,600 to The Festival Series Bratislava on Nov. 27 to Dec. 3 at Banco Casino.

Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk