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  • Shuffle Up for a Cause: Mau50 Poker Tournament Supporting Cancer Research

Shuffle Up for a Cause: Mau50 Poker Tournament Supporting Cancer Research

Shuffle Up for a Cause: Mau50 Poker Tournament Supporting Cancer Research

Mauritz Altikardes turned 50 years old recently. This memorable achievement needs some flair, and what better way by doing this as by organizing an online tournament on Coolbet with one reason only; Cancer Research! The guaranteed prize pool consists out of a whopping €1,770!

Poker is a game which is close to all our hearts, in good and bad times. Same goes for health, which is without a doubt, the most important factor of our game. Often professional poker players mention it, an unhealthy lifestyle does not give you an edge at the poker tables, neither should it be a disadvantage, but to follow a healthy lifestyle is key to success!

Unfortunately, the topic cancer plays a big role in many people's lives as well. Everybody can agree with me here, that you have someone close by you who suffered/is suffering of this terrible disease.

Whoever is opting to make a fundraiser for this cause, already should deserve a medal on it's own, but if it gets combined with a fancy game of poker where you can actually win something as well, a statue is well-deserved!

Event Information:

  • Tournament Name: Mau50!
  • Date: April 9
  • Time: 20.00 CET
  • Buy-in: €5 Rebuy/Addon
  • Operator: Coolbet

With this Charity Event, Coolbet offered an amazing gesture by adding €5 for every unique player in this tournament, towards the Cancer Foundation. Of course, you can also contribute directly to the Foundation. Find the details in the Facebook Group for this event.

1st Place€1,600 Package to Poker-SM Live or Coolbet Open
2nd Place€130 Coolbet Passport Ticket
3rd - 4th Place€20 Coolbet Passport Ticket
5th - 9th Place'Make Poker Great Again' cap (red/white)

Mauritz Altikardes vs Charity Events

On top of the prizes given away in this online poker event, Mauritz Altikardes will also stream the action live on Twitch! Everyone who is making a donation to the Cancer Foundation, will be automatically included in a raffle as well, where Mauritz will give away some great merchandise! One thing is important with this raffle: The more you donate, the more tickets you will receive for the raffle!

With this raffle, a seat will be given away worth €550! (Poker-SM Live, Coolbet Open, or The Festival Series). On top of this, a cap of 'Make Poker Great Again' will be handed out to a lucky winner!

The Raffle will be streamed LIVE on Facebook (April 10 - 13:00 CET)!

Note: If you decide to donate directly to the Cancer Foundation (details in facebook group), please make sure to mention 'MPGA' alongside the transaction, and provide a proof within the group to be able to join in on the raffle. The campaign ends on April 10th, 13:00 CET.

Let's all support this great initiative and celebrate the birthday Mauritz Altikardes at the virtual poker tables of Coolbet!