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  • The Festival Nottingham – Big Names Are On The Way

The Festival Nottingham – Big Names Are On The Way

The Festival Nottingham – Big Names Are On The Way

The Nottingham poker festival, taking place at Dusk Till Dawn from February 12th to 19th, is set to be a star-studded event with some of the biggest names in the game set to attend.

One of the players that will be in attendance is Adam Neal, who is known for his aggressive playing style and has been a consistent performer on the tournament circuit. He has several major tournament wins to his name, and many five-figure scores from events like partypoker live or Irish Open. Adam took down a £1,000 Highroller event during the previous UK Championship, bagging bags of more than £ 25.000 so he´s on the hot run right now. Adam is also part of the Americas Cardroom Stormers project so if you haven't heard about them before then after the Nottingham event - trust us, you have. They are super loud.

A poker hint from Mike, an amateurish and struggling player: "Yeah super loud. I still can't believe that I lost against him. I thought my bluff was going to work but Adam saw right through it. I lost all my chips to him in that hand, he's just too good. I've got a lot to learn if I want to compete with players like him. So watch out for playing against Adam. He is a true mind reader.

Another player to watch out for is Daniel Charlton, who is a British professional poker player known for his deep runs in major tournaments and his ability to adapt to different formats of the game. He had his biggest payday to date in the 2019 WSOP Main Event, where he finished 32nd for $ 261,430


One man who doesn't needs too much introduction is Niall "Firaldo87" Farell. A professional poker player from Scotland has more than 6,5 million in live winnings. Despite his success, Firaldo87 remains always humble and his friendly attitude, both at the poker table and in his everyday life, had brought him many new friends all over the world. He's a great guy to play against, always respectful and easy-going, and he brings that same positive energy to his social media presence, where he is known for his entertaining and insightful tweets. He makes the game and the community more pleasant and enjoyable.

Mike, an amateurish and struggling player: "Viva Las Vegas! I never had an opportunity to play against GG Poker Pro, but I've seen him on TV. He's quite a successful player and seems to have a pretty significant amount of Twitter followers. Not sure what his tweeting today (most likely something about bad Scottish weather) but his tweets about "Mirjam" were the highlight of my life."

Simon Trumper is also set to join the festival, who is a well-known player in the UK poker scene. He was a regular at the Dusk Till Dawn casino and he is chiefly noted as the winner of Late Night Poker series 2 and runner-up of series 4. Today Simon works as a host of Dusk Till Dawn poker events so if you even not see him playing anymore you will hear his voice by mics.

Mike, an amateurish and struggling player: "What I can say! A true LEGEND! Simon already earns "millions" at the time while I was wearing diapers. Shame that he is now more a host than a player, but yeah that's life. Btw, the same happens with my hobbies too - Instead of wearing nappies, I´m now producing them."

A newcomer to our Festival events is James Ablott, a talented poker player from Derby, who is set to join the star-studded lineup at the Nottingham poker festival. James has been a regular on the Dusk Till Dawn tournament circuit, consistently performing well in major events and building a reputation as a skilled and savvy player. He has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with at the poker table. As a local player from Derby, James will be well-known to many of the players on the field, and he will no doubt be looking to make a big impression at the festival.

Mike, an amateurish and struggling player: "I wish James success and pass on greetings from Mart Poom, a goalkeeper from Estonia who played for Derby County in the 2000s. As goalkeepers often say, don't let anything in, James! Especially if you are playing against your old team. "

Our Streamers, Deckflow&Sterbendeus from Estonia, and Ylva Thorsrud &Jon Kyte from Norway are also set to participate in the festival, and they all are known for their great results in many tournaments around the world. Heh, maybe yes poker world doesn´t know too much about Joseph, but he is playing like a machine at iPoker Wednesday satellites and had reached the four times in a row in the final table so it´s only a matter of time before the world will hear more about this young gentleman. One thing for sure is they all love mixed games so you will see all of them playing a lot of Omaha, Open Face Chinese, and other mixed games. Combining the tournament winnings then they have more than 1 million U.S. dollars in amounts of cash.

In addition to the exciting tournament action, the Nottingham poker festival will also feature some great giveaways, taking place on the Hendonmob Twitter account. Followers of the account will have the chance to win some amazing prizes, including Hendonmob Championship tournament buy-ins. Be sure to keep an eye out on Hendonmob's Twitter account throughout the festival for your chance to win!

These players will join the festival to compete in the Pokerlistings Championship, the Main Event, the Blackjack tournament, the Roulette tournament, and the Hendonmob Championship. It's going to be an exciting week of poker action, and these players are sure to add some extra excitement to the proceedings.

As the Festival is a gambling event, we would like to remind players to always gamble responsibly. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it, and never chase your losses. If gambling becomes a problem for you, there are resources available to help, such as BeGambleAware or the National Problem Gambling Helpline. Remember, gambling should always be a fun and enjoyable experience, so please play responsibly.