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  • The Festival Online: Saddle Your Horses – Main Event to Kick Off Today!

The Festival Online: Saddle Your Horses – Main Event to Kick Off Today!

The Festival Online: Saddle Your Horses – Main Event to Kick Off Today!

Yes, folks! The Festival Online just completed one of its biggest tournaments with the $150,000 Mystery Bounty event, and we are not done just yet! The Main Event with $200,000 GTD is about to kick off today and you will have numerous chances to get yourself qualified into Day 2. The whole week, at various moments in the day, you can grind yourself up in the chip counts and whenever you make it to the second day, you will directly be in the money. We have seen some great champions in this series already with the likes of Ian ‘Simpioni’ Simpson, part of the 888poker online poker team. He managed to grind himself up through a satellite, and then took home the trophy in the $320 Knock-Out event, good for almost $5,000! The Festival Online, powered by 888poker and PokerListings, will have another 22 events coming up, and perhaps we will see you in the winner's gallery!

With several starting flights throughout the previous week, the Mystery Bounty with $150,000 guaranteed in the prize pool got even bigger than that. With a total of $163,200, it was worth a lot to finish the tournament strong and this is what ‘’Shash0s21’’ exactly managed to do. During the late evening on Tuesday, he pulled off a stunt to win a heroic battle against Brazilian ‘’ivanmfilho’’, who as a runner-up took home $15.686,08. Not bad for a second place! But as mentioned, the first prize was very top-heavy as most definitely the player of Cyprus took some Mystery Bounties on the way, resulting in a cash prize of $32.066,46! Congratulations and we most definitely see you around in the Main Event!

Get Ready: Main Event to be kicked off today!

The diamond of the series, glorious starting flights throughout the entire week, the event that everybody is looking out for, the biggest trophy up for grabs, a humongous first prize to take home; It’s time to launch the Main Event today perhaps we will find you among the chip counts of Day 2, and maybe even Day 3!

The Main Event with a buy-in of just $250, has a starting stack of 10,000 chips (166,6 big blinds) and will be played with 12-minute levels by default unless it’s a turbo or hyper flight of course. When you manage to get yourself to Day 2, you will be already in the money, and with a guaranteed prize pool of a whopping $200.000, there will be plenty to fight for in the end. Day 3 will be broadcast on stream with a delay of 60 minutes.

Good luck to all players participating in this Main Event!

DateTime (CET) Name 
26-Jul21:00 Main Event Day 1a 
27-Jul20:00 Main Event Day 1b 
27-Jul22:00 Main Event Day 1c Turbo 
28-Jul20:00 Main Event Day 1d 
28-Jul22:00 Main Event Day 1e Turbo 
29-Jul16:00 Main Event Day 1f 
29-Jul18:00 Main Event Day 1g 
29-Jul20:00 Main Event Day 1h 
29-Jul22:00 Main Event Day 1i Turbo 
30-Jul16:00 Main Event Day 1j 
30-Jul18:00 Main Event Day 1k 
30-Jul20:00 Main Event Day 1l Turbo 
30-Jul22:00 Main Event Day 1m Turbo 
30-Jul23:30 Main Event Day 1n Hyper 
31-Jul16:00 Main Event Day 1o 
31-Jul18:00 Main Event Day 1p 
31-Jul19:00 Main Event Day 1q Turbo 
31-Jul20:00 Main Event Day 1r Hyper 
31-Jul22:00 Main Event Day 2 
01-Aug21:00 Main Event Final Table Stream (60min Delay) 

The Festival Online Winner Gallery

As we are fairly deep in the online event series, we would like to introduce to you all the winners up until this day. With winners such as 888poker team online Ian Simpson, and two players who managed to pull off two victories each, it has to be said that it isn’t too shabby to be part of this list. Who can win more events in the upcoming period and who will take down the glorious Main Event?

If you would like to qualify for any of the events, for every event there are satellites available and you can find them in the lobby of 888poker.

Ian 'Simpioni' Simpson - Team 888poker - Professional Streamer

Completed events

1Mini HR Opening Event $    215BeHappyyySri Lanka $   3,960.00
2Opening Event $    109ZeiKoLithuania $14,860.23
3Mini Opening Event $      22coldzebraBrasil $   3,740.00
4PLO Opening Event $      55BuddyLuvUK $   1,480.00
5HR Opening Event $    525altavisttBelarus $   8,400.00
6PKO 6-max Mini $      22NoraB23Brasil $   1,702.63
7PKO 6-max HR $    215nottodaybroMalta $   3,498.80
8Mystery Bounty 6-max $      22Prof3sorulRomania $   2,233.08
9PKO 6-max $    109idkhtpUnknown $   2,625.76
10Super KO Mini $      33APJenningsUK $      848.93
11Super KO HR $    320SimpioniUK $   4,695.00
12Mystery Bounty $      22wcampeloBrasil $   1,977.90
13Super KO $    109JagoEletroneBrasil $   1,898.75
14PKO Mini $      22'01100''Norway $   1,710.83
15PKO $    109algsxrCanada $   2,345.00
16Mystery Bounty $      22PedrozadotaBrasil $   1,545.02
17Mystery Bounty HR $    320algsxrCanada $   6,161.50
18Mystery Bounty $      55777Arsen14Austria $   1,872.00
19Mystery Bounty $      22romodragoBrasil $   1,465.10
20PKO Turbo Deepstack $    109leblond1996Canada $   2,043.74
21Mystery Bounty $      22CORPINHOBrasil $   2,575.41
22Mystery Bounty $      22BaXTeP.uaUkraine $   1,255.02
23PKO Mini $      22ProudToBeNITBelarus $   2,533.74
24Mini HR $    215idkhtpUnknown $   3,705.00
25Micro PLO $      11pity_36_36Romania $      636.90
26Mystery Bounty Mini $      22LegitNitCanada $   2,449.83
27High Roller PKO $    525wellyxxFinland $   9,935.31
28Mystery Bounty $    109TuturFRMalta $   4,245.82
29Mini HR $    215levieux65Canada $   3,360.00
30Mystery Bounty $      22BracapomaterMalta $   1,466.26
31$150K GTD Mystery Bounty $    160shashOs21Cyprus $32,066.46