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  • The Festival Series Main Event Bratislava 2023 – Tournament Structure

The Festival Series Main Event Bratislava 2023 – Tournament Structure

The Festival Series Main Event Bratislava 2023 – Tournament Structure

Live poker tournaments are often built around the flagship tournament called the Main Event. Now that we have two Main Events at The Festival Series, and already have shared information about one of them yesterday, it is time now for the biggest of them all The NLHE Main Event. For a mere buy-in of €550 and a guaranteed prize pool of a tasty €500.000, players from all around will try to scoop the biggest chunk of it. It will be the 3rd time for us to be a guest at Banco Casino Bratislava, and this time will be even more epic than ever before!

The reigning champion of our Bratislava Main Event is Dutchman Michel Molenaar, who recently moved to Vienna to continue his quest to become one of the world’s best poker players. With his win in 2022, he collected not only €126.650 and received the most honourable trophy of them all, but he also got the record of the biggest live poker cash in Slovakian history to his name. Being active in the live poker scene on a much higher scale after that win, he luckily found a spot in his fully packed schedule to come to visit us this week as well. Good luck, Champ!

A year before the biggest field in a Main Event of The Festival Series history, it was Martin Mauthner from Austria who claimed the title back in 2021. ‘The European Sammy Fahra’, living in Austria, managed to best a field of 621 entries and crowned himself as the Main Event Champion. He received €56.870 for his outstanding performance, and we hopefully will see him again this year as well!

Tournament Structure

The tournament structure of the previous edition in Bratislava will be maintained this year as well. We have received loads of feedback on the premise and through our social media channels that the structure was incredible to play. With a 30,000 starting stack and 40-minute blind levels, the chances of grinding your up to decent heights are very much likely. With the usual amount of six starting days, it will fit into anyone’s tournament schedule. In case you have no time to visit the event during the week, or prefer to play one of many side events, there is a chance of registering yourself until the end of the second blind level on Day 2.  

IDTypeSmall BlindBig BlindAnteDuration
1Level10010040 min.
2Level10010010040 min.
3Level10020020040 min.
Break20 min.
4Level10030030040 min.
5Level20040040040 min.
6Level20050050040 min.
Break20 min.
7Level30060060040 min.
8Level40080080040 min.
9Level5001 0001 00040 min.
Break20 min.
10Level6001 2001 20040 min.
11Level8001 6001 60040 min.
12Level1 0002 0002 00040 min.
End of Day 1
13Level1 0003 0003 00045 min.
14Level2 0004 0004 00045 min.
Break20 min.
15Level2 0005 0005 00045 min.
16Level3 0006 0006 00045 min.
17Level4 0008 0008 00045 min.
18Level5 00010 00010 00045 min.
19Level6 00012 00012 00045 min.
20Level8 00016 00016 00045 min.
Break20 min.
21Level10 00020 00020 00045 min.
22Level15 00030 00030 00045 min.
23Level20 00040 00040 00045 min.
Break20 min.
24Level25 00050 00050 00045 min.
25Level30 00060 00060 00045 min.
26Level40 00080 00080 00045 min.
Break20 min.
27Level50 000100 000100 00045 min.
28Level60 000120 000120 00045 min.
29Level80 000160 000160 00045 min.
Break20 min.
30Level100 000200 000200 00045 min.
31Level125 000250 000250 00045 min.
32Level150 000300 000300 00045 min.
Break20 min.
33Level200 000400 000400 00045 min.
34Level250 000500 000500 00025 min.
35Level300 000600 000600 00025 min.
Break20 min.
36Level400 000800 000800 00025 min.
37Level500 0001 000 0001 000 00025 min.
38Level600 0001 200 0001 200 00025 min.