No bust to be found

Hanna Arnesson
Hanna Arnesson

Drawmaha is a split pot game. And the pot is split almost every hand. This makes it difficult for players to bust and the 6 Sviten Specialists that are still battling out the (soft) bubble cannot find a bust despite being having been all-in repeatedly in the past minutes.

One of the larger confrontations this level saw three players all-in. The flop showed A Q 3 :

Tobias Hausen drew 2 cards and showed K-K-K-9-5

Jens Riis was at risk and showed A-A-T-T-K. He had a flush draw on the board along with his two pair and stood pat.

Hanna Arnesson took three cards and showed 9-6-6-4-4

The board ran out 6 10 and the pot was split between Hausen who won the draw hand and Riis who won the omaha hand.