Onwards to Day 2 (via Day 1d)

Day 1c of the €500 + €50 Main Event is over, with 90 players making it through from a field of 245 entries. They will join the 38 Day 1a survivors and the 54 from Day 1b in Day 2 tomorrow at noon. Registration in this event is far from over though - Day 1d begins shortly (10pm) and will take a turbo format, and if you still fail to finish the day with chips, don't forget that you can still buy in until the end of Level 12, two levels into play tomorrow.

Today's Day 1c chip leader is Timothy Härold on 179,000, but Day 1a's Pavol Melichar is still the overall leader on 223,000. Full chip counts may be found below.

Elsewhere around Banco Casino, the €225 + €25 Blackjack Championship was won by Andreas Hoglund, whom you may recognise as the presenter of our delightful daily recap videos. Live blackjack is rigged! Mauritz is so far insisting that Hoglund isn't allowed to take the trophy home, but we're assuming there'll be some sort of audiovisual celebration of his victory available to us in the morning.

The NLH/PLO Round-of-Each is ongoing downstairs, with 23 players remaining of 79 entries; eight players are also still battling it out for the three guaranteed seats in the last supersat. The Roulette Championship final has also just begun, and will be crowning a champion before the night is out.

We suspect Day 1d, still half an hour away from starting, may run late, but we'll have full chip counts from all the survivors for you by the time Day 2 begins tomorrow. Until then - see you in the bar!

Chipcounts Day 1C:

Peter Bumba         192,800
Stig Timothy Roger Haerold         179,000
Daniele Grassi         170,100
Filip Sramka         169,000
Markus Ganglbauer         161,700
David Vedral         158,400
Nicolas Jean Steils         152,500
Edmond Ala         150,000
Miroslav Lelek         149,000
Marian Flesar         147,600
Patrick Maxime S Jowa         145,700
Mario Eder         143,700
Dushko Bogoevski         139,300
Martin Ilavsky         137,700
Henry Frank Mania         132,000
Marjan Mitrovski         131,000
Polys Christou         129,900
Igor Panak         127,200
Maksym Ronshyn         125,900
Peter Cekan         121,900
Sebastian Supper         116,600
Marcin Leszek Stachyra         111,000
Juraj Valasky         111,000
Barnabas Nagy         109,500
Stefan Reiser         108,400
Peter Tobias Bergman         107,200
Dan Morgan Wald         105,000
Vladimir Bednar         104,600
Robert Sloboda         103,000
Carlos Antonio Pezzia Vega         102,000
Harald Matthaeus Sammer         101,000
Oerjan Skommo         100,700
Tomche Spaseski         100,500
Dusan Sninsky           96,500
Peter Muhlbek           92,900
Frank Ronald Reichel           89,000
Lars Greger Larsson           86,800
Quoc Dung Kalle Ly           84,100
Jami Joonas Lopperi           83,800
Jiri Kocab           83,100
Per Erik Johan Lindqvist           81,500
Bernhard Haider           80,500
Robert Peter James           80,500
Renato Ricardo Rusmigo           79,300
Milos Zerzevski           78,600
Helikopter           78,200
Emil Andreas Karhu           74,300
Samir Kuch           74,100
Richard Vladar           73,600
Martin Rottem Dahle           73,500
Gia Ann Sophie Carnestroem           73,000
Miklos Zsuffa           70,000
Ondrej Jakubcik           67,700
Per Simon Hesserud Persson           66,800
Didier Claude H Pirard           66,500
Sebastian Kos           60,600
Sandor Dudas           60,000
Mariusz Filosek           59,900
Pasi Petteri Kakkonen           56,500
Riku Aleksi Maeaettae           56,500
Kristoffer Lars Tommy Winterstein           56,300
Felix Mueller           54,400
Miklos Banyasz           51,700
Anna Janina Cecilia Malmi           50,900
Stefan Bo Rundstrom           48,000
John Michael Bengt Ekdahl           47,600
David Kristek           46,300
Gianluca Petrano           43,000
Andreas Klatt           41,300
Jason Van Den Berge           39,300
Andrej Imrich           39,200
Charalampos Chatzithoma           38,800
Tomas Benadik           38,600
Pavol Kurtulik           38,500
Robin Xaver William Hegele           38,300
Dawid Mikluszka           37,900
Patrick Beuter           34,700
Sebastian Peter Gaehl           34,100
Roman Okolicany           34,100
Lars Aake Mattias Eklund           30,800
Ankh  Lumir Favero           28,600
Georgios Angelos Tavoularis           28,200
Branislav Ondrus           25,000
Nils Gustav Vadenbring           23,200
Michael Markus Kopietz           21,900
Jakub Franciszek Szczotka           21,500
Ruben Kristian Graeve           18,900
Vlastimil Kudela           12,800
Martin Vrbacky           10,900

Full Chipcounts