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Rules & Player Information Tallinn

Rules & Player Information Tallinn

What you need to know:

  • You need to bring a valid ID.
  • To enter the Casino you need to be 21 years or older.
  • You register on the ground floor at the entrance desk of Olympic Park Casino.
  • You will get a daily tournament wristband.
  • Every tournament day has a new wristband color.
  • You can buy tournament tickets and exchange money at the casino cashier.


Logo Olympic Park Casino Tallinn

Olympic Park Casino: Hilton Tallinn Park & Olympic Park Casino.

Address: Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi St. 23, Tallinn, Estonia

The Olympic Park Casino is open 24 hours and on the first floor of the Hilton Tallinn Park. The casino age limit is 21 and you will need a valid ID to enter. All the cash games are held inside the casino.

» How to get to the Olympic Park Casino


To enter tournaments and cash games, you need to be registered at the Olympic Park Casino. You register on the ground floor at the entrance desk of Olympic Park Casino. You will receive a wristband that you will need when entering the tournament room on the second floor.

Every tournament day has a different wristband, and you receive your new wristband at the ground floor casino desk before entering the tournament room.

Cash Games

Cash games run 24 / 7 inside the casino. You will find a cash game registration point inside the casino poker area. Players can self-register to any cash games. You can also register for cash games also online. After registration you will receive a text message when a new table opens, or a seat becomes available.

» Register for Cash Games Online

Tournaments & Tickets

All tournaments are played on the second floor of the Hilton Hotel (except for some final tables). Please note that you are required to wear the casino wristband for the current day to enter the tournament area.

The casino desk at the ground floor sells tournament tickets. This is also the place where you cash winnings and where you can exchange money.

Any pre-reserved tickets must be picked up at the casino desk before the respective event starts.

Please note that late registration tickets and re-entry tickets are sold right inside the tournament room.

Late Registration

All events have at least one hour late registration period. Late registration tickets and re-entry tickets can be bought in the tournament area on the second floor.

Please note that coming late to an event may result in waiting times for a seat as many of the events are very popular. Buying tournament tickets prior is highly recommended.

Waiting Lists

It is possible that there are more players for an event than the casino has seats available. In that case a waiting list for the event will be created. A floor staff will be in the tournament area is taking players names. Players coming in from a waiting list will start with a full stack.

Please note: Players coming in late, with late registration already closed, will have their stacks blinded off.

Tournament Caps

The Festival Tallinn events are popular, and some events will need to have a waiting list. Based on the estimation of players for each event the casino will be starting a waiting list after a soft cap has been reached. The soft cap for each tournament is listed in the schedule. For example, a soft cap of 100 means that after 100 tickets are sold a waiting list will be started. Usually everyone gets a seat but players coming in late may have to go through this waiting list.

Events can have a hard cap. A hard cap of 100 for example would mean that the registration will be closed after 100 tickets have been sold. There will be no waiting list. Be sure to buy your tournament ticket well before the event is about to start.

Caps are noted in the schedule.

Tournament Schedule

The tournament schedule has been planned in a way that players can play the Main Event and many side events. The Main Event will finish each day before 9pm.

Please note: There will be no dinner break during the main event.

Eating & Drinking

Snacks and drinks can be bought in the bar inside the tournament area. The Hilton Hotel has a good restaurant, and the casino downstairs offers a fantastic bar with a selection of dishes and finger food as well. Food can also be delivered to the player’s lounge via food delivery apps such as Wolt or Bolt Food.

Key Tournament Rules

All poker tournaments operate on TDA rules, which are used by all main tournament providers in the world.

  • The Tournament Director and Floor Personnel are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision-making process.
  • Unusual circumstances may on occasion dictate that decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over the technical rules.
  • The decisions of the Tournament Director and/or Floor Personnel are final.
  • English is the only allowed language when anyone at your table has cards.
  • Last aggressive action shows first and if no action, first player after the button to show first. All in and call: all players involved need to show their cards.
  • Calling for a clock: time is given by floor person or tournament director only and only when the request is reasonable. Given time is a total of 30 seconds in all events, but TD’s discretion may apply.
  • In all tournaments a hand is declared dead if a player has not taken their seat by the time the dealer has dealt the last card to all players.

» Poker TDA Rulebook