SIGMA brings Padel to The Festival in Tallinn

SIGMA brings Padel to The Festival in Tallinn

The Padel fever that has taken Europe by storm reminds us a lot of what the Moneymaker effect had on poker. In a tennis-loving country like Spain, padel is (or at least very soon will become) the racket sport of choice with over 20.000 courts available in the country. A term that for us poker players equals what we love is the term WPT. Google associates this term nowadays more with World Padel Tour than the World Poker Tour - though we believe that WPT Global will make a strong impact on the scene and get the focus for that term back to poker.

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Still, we at The Festival and people in the gaming industry truly love Padel, almost as much as gaming festivals, so when SIGMA and Eman Pulis reached out requesting to host a Padel Tournament during the Festival in Tallinn we immediately agreed and together with Padel Company set up a tournament schedule open for all visitors at The Festival.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will host group games, format is come as you are, either with a playing partner or alone (in this case we will pair you with another player), and take a shot at winning one of the qualifying games. The group games will be played at Padel Company Ülemiste between 10:00 and 14:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday. The teams that make it to the Round of 16 will play on Thursday. The final day will be played out from 10:00 until 14:00 during which SIGMA and The Festival will crown the winners.

If you have never played Padel before, trainers will be at the location, giving you an introduction to the game, and if you're like Mauritz Altikardes or Peter La Terra already a hobbyist of the game, just remember to smile, it’s all about fun, not all things are about winning.