Spin It Up

The Roulette Championship is now underway, with five players currently huddled around the table, assortedly shouting, "Six!! Fifteen!! Eleven!! Ohhh motherf**cker!!" etc at the wheel. Someone is playing some gangster rap on their tinny phone speaker for atmosphere. They're only three spins in and there's already been a rebuy. Everyone is having LOADS of fun.

As with the blackjack event, the event has three starting flights (Days 1b and 1c are running tomorrow and Wednesday, respectively), and has a shootout format. Re-entries are allowed for the first round (30 spins), and there's a dealer button moving around the table for the purpose of assisting in balancing tables (this will come in handy on Days 1b and 1c when we suspect there'll be several tables' worth of players).

Full rules may be found here.