Sunday at The Festival – No Rest for the Wicked

Gooooood morning and welcome back to Banco Casino Bratislava, where a number of players smaller than yesterday's crowd, but honestly larger than I thought considering the state of everyone at around 3am, has returned to play out the remaining side events.

Downstairs in the casino, Sweden's Rico Ivars and Hungary's Andras Halasi, accompanied by a bit of a rail, are playing out the final match of the €300 + €30 NLH Heads Up event; upstairs in the main tournament area, the €100 + €10 Shortdeck event has got 23 runners and rising. IN around an hour's time, we've also got the Kings Of Tallinn package supersat, as well as the long-awaited staff tournament when your floor staff, dealers, and your faithful bloggers finally get a chance to show em all how it's done. We'll also have a livestream running from 7pm from one of the cash games - pretty sure it's €5/€5 PLO tonight. Pull up a strong coffee, cuddle up under your duvet, and enjoy the action from the comfort of your laptop - or better yet, get your sorry asses down here if you're still in Bratislava.