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“I Believe!” Casino Game Twitch Streamer Teukka Announces Partnership With CasinoRoom & The Festival Series

“I do streaming on Twitch, I stream online, casino games overall - and I am starting to work together with The Festival and we will have this partnership with CasinoRoom. With their help, we are able to give away big packages to my audience.”

So Teukka, one of the most prominent online casino game streamers on Twitch, introduces himself. In the coming weeks, Teukka and CasinoRoom will be offering online casino players the opportunity to win one of a number of full packages for The Festival In Tallinn this June.

“Me and my other streaming partner,” he says - we’ll have more from his streaming partner in the coming days - “We are two streamers, we work with CasinoRoom, we will give away some packages - full packages - via some competition or raffles details of which are still yet to confirm.”

Blackjack, Roulette and Poker on Twitch

Teukka Streamer
Twitch Streamer Teukka

Teukka has been streaming games on Twitch for six years now. He specializes in streaming online slots but also often streams himself playing online blackjack and roulette and is also a keen poker player, making him the perfect personality to promote The Festival Series’ innovative mixed game format.

“So basically Casino Room want to give away a few packages via me,” he says. With the ink still barely dry on the deal, the finer details have yet to be ironed out, but Teukka and Casino Room are already both eager to announce that they are partnering up to make available a number of full packages to The Festival, including buy-ins to the blackjack, roulette and poker main events, along with accommodation at the Hilton Tallinn Park and travel/spending money.

“I don’t think anybody knows that yet, but I think it’s about time - people are getting fed up already, I don’t think there will be another summer with no festivals, so I think they can manage it somehow. I believe. But of course, safety must come first,” he adds. Teukka agrees with what seems to be the general consensus among many industry people that when live events do return, they will see a massive surge in numbers compared to events before Covid. His optimism is well justified - The Festival In Tallinn has of course got a comprehensive contingency plan in place in case of any disruption that might be caused by the pandemic situation.

Asked how he got into the world of streaming online casino games, Teukka is philosophical. “I dunno, I like gambling overall and… I don’t know how I ended up doing it, I just started to show it and then I started getting partners and started actually a business, and it’s grown and all’s good, everything’s good. People like it.” His business, being based mostly online, hasn’t really suffered at all during the pandemic either. “I haven’t seen any big differences at all, no. It’s the same for me, and maybe it’s even better - more viewers because everyone’s home.”

While his main business is playing and streaming online, Teukka also loves the live game and has attended many bricks-and-mortar casino events across Europe. As businesses start to open up across Europe though, Teukka’s hoping to attend more live events. “Sure, I love them,” he says. We can’t wait to welcome Teukka to The Festival In Tallinn either. Subscribe to Teukka’s Twitch channel here and keep an eye on CasinoRoom for more details of those qualifiers in the coming days. Good luck, and see you in Tallinn!

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