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  • The Festival Bratislava 2023 – Schedule

The Festival Bratislava 2023 – Schedule

The Festival Bratislava 2023 – Schedule

Get ready for an exhilarating poker extravaganza set to take Bratislava by storm in just 2.5 months! This upcoming event promises to be a gambler's paradise, featuring not only a thrilling €550 The Festival Bratislava Main Event with a jaw-dropping €500,000 guaranteed prize pool but also a series of other exciting tournaments.

Poker enthusiasts can test their skills in a Blackjack Championship, try their luck in a heart-pounding Roulette Championship, and spin their way to victory in a Slot Championship. But the excitement doesn't stop there; the event will also host nail-biting mixed games, where players can showcase their versatility. This time we even had to create our very own special second main event for all mixed games lovers - HORSES.

€550 Main Event Guarantees a Massive €500,000 Prize Pool!

Similar to last year's October event, The Festival Bratislava 2022, this year's main tournament boasts a guaranteed prize pool of half a million euros. Last year, it attracted a record number of participants and resulted in the largest one-time payout in Slovak poker tournament history. However, this year, we have set even bigger goals. We've added more starting days to the tournament schedule, providing players with more flexibility alongside other events. Additionally, two turbo flights offer more opportunities, accommodating those who find the 40-minute opening levels on the first day more relaxing. Ultimately, more starting days could mean more players.

Of course, we've consulted the poker gods, and while fulfilling their wish of all players winning half a million isn't feasible, we can confirm that this year's winner will receive a six-figure payout in partnership with Banco Casino.

The Festival Bratislava 2023 €550 Main Event

  • Buy-in: 550€
  • Starting stack: 30,000 in chips
  • Starting day flights have 40 minutes and after each 3 levels, there is a break where you have time to shake off your legs and refresh up your mind with some fresh air.
  • Starting day turbo flights have 20-minute levels so if you enjoy a faster-paced game where surprises await around every turn, we recommend fastening your seatbelt securely because where there's one curve, there's another.
  • Starting days plays
  • Late registration is open until the end of the second playing level on Day2
  • Each player can do max 2x re-entries per flight so the maximum amount of buy-ins is twelve. So far, no one has reached the maximum number of buy-ins at any of our festivals, and on a personal note, we do not recommend anyone attempting it. However, we believe that all players are intelligent enough. Therefore, if someone genuinely feels that twelve is their lucky number, then twelve it is.
  • Read more about our previous Main Event winners: Brenden Oystein, Ignacio Menendez, Michel Molenaar, Eirik Kristiansen, Martin Mauthner

€550 Mixed Games Main Event - HORSES

Martin Mauthner

Exactly as you've read, and it's not a typo. Based on player feedback, we've introduced a mixed-games main tournament with a slightly higher buy-in, catering to those mixed-game specialists who love HORSE tournaments. But to ensure it's not just for the die-hard horse enthusiasts, we've added our own twist to the game rules. The tournament consists of six different games, with the final one being none other than the beloved Swedish favorite, Sviten Special. In total, it's HORSE + S = HORSES.

The Festival Bratislava 2023 €550 Mixed Games Main Event - HORSES

  • Buy-in: 550€
  • Starting stack: 30,000 in chips
  • Starting day flights have 30 minutes
  • All games will be played in FIXED-LIMIT format
  • 7-max players per table
  • The tournament will be played over three different starting days, with each allowing a maximum of two re-entries.

We will publish more details about €550 Mixed Games Main Event during the next couple of weeks so make sure that you follow our social media channel to get more info about it.

Other Key Events that might blow up your mind

  • €250 Bratislava Deepstack, November 26-29
  • €250 Heads-Up Tournament, November 28
  • €125 Roulette Championship, November 28
  • €125 Blackjack Championship, November 29
  • €1100 PLO Highroller, November 29
  • €1100 NLH Highroller, November 30
  • 125€ Slots Championship, November 30
  • €250 The Hendon Mob Championship, Nov 30-Dec 1
  • €125 The Festival Queens, Dec 1
  • €250 Texas Mystery Bounty, Dec 2-3

Download the Festival Bratislava 2023 schedule from here.

Things to remember

The Festival Series has always considered it important to offer added value to all its players, so it probably comes as no surprise that players can find daily Franke Flip Flops and Cash Game Challenge in the Bratislava schedule In addition, we still keep track of The Player of The Festival ranking of the most successful player in 8 days.

Each day, you can embark on your Bratislava adventure by joining our numerous online satellite tournaments. As the saying goes in Slovakia, 'Začni svoju cestu do Bratislavy s nami'.


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