The Festival Educational Partners

The Festival Educational Partners

The Festival Series places a strong emphasis on cultivating community friendships among players, as well as educating players in all aspects of poker. What is GTO? How to manage your bankroll? How often you should fold aces in online satellites?

To learn all of this, we have teamed up with various online sites that offer educational materials:

Pokerstudie NL

Pokerstudie is a platform where every Dutch-speaking poker player, young or old, amateur or professional, can go to develop their poker game. While playing tournaments and providing one-on-one coaching, the founders of Pokerstudie realized that the lack of a Dutch-language and accessible poker learning platform was a significant issue. All (currently) available content was offered in English and often required a certain level of poker knowledge. As a result, Dutch poker players have struggled for years to develop their poker game. To change this, four professional poker players have joined forces, knowledge, and experience to now offer this opportunity

Jeraint "LUCKYJJ " Hazan Masterclass

During our last three festivals, we have offered players the opportunity to learn how to play Omaha through poker education courses with Jeraint Hazan, who has won over a million euros in live tournaments. The courses have been successful in the sense that students who have completed them have been able to immediately apply their knowledge and do so quite successfully.