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The Festival Rozvadov Hotels: Book Now

The Festival Rozvadov Hotels: Book Now

Roughly three months from now, the first The Festival Series poker jamboree of 2024, will take place at Kings Resort in Rozvadov. The Festival Rozvadov 2024 will feature a total of 65 tournaments, including Blackjack tournament and Roulette tournament to add variety to the poker action. The Festival Series has always paid close attention to tournament buy-ins. Our regular players know that we focus primarily on low to mid buy-in tournaments, aiming not to burden the wallets of those who may not cash in tournaments for various reasons, making the 10-day-long festival potentially costly for them.

Speaking of expenses, the inevitable question always arises about where to stay during the festival. One option is to participate in the endless online qualifiers of The Festival Series, held in various poker rooms, where you can practically win a package every day, usually including accommodation. Another option is to arrange accommodation yourself, and once again, we are here to help.

Two options - Should I stay 5* or 4* hotel

During The Festival Rozvadov, we offer two types of hotel accommodation.

The Festival Rozvadov hotel offers

The 5-star hotel is in the same building as the casino and tournament area. King's 5-star hotel offers a variety of luxurious rooms and suites. The accommodations feature exceptional interiors adorned with art and golden embroidery.

The 4-star hotels at King's are located within 100-600 meters from the main building and offer modern, contemporary lodging with the most amenities for a comfortable stay.


5* hotels :

King´s New Hotel / King´s Classic Hotel

Both the 5-star hotels are located within the same building block as the casino. Therefore, by choosing the 5-star option, you'll save yourself the hassle of extra walking.

Kings Superior Double room
Kings Superior Double Room
Kings Wellness Spa

4* hotels :

The 4-star hotels are situated within a distance of up to 600 meters from the casino. Unfortunately, due to the operational procedures of Rozvadov's hotels, we are unable to specify at this moment the exact 4-star hotel where you will be accommodated. The allocation to a specific hotel will be done on-site in Rozvadov, and we will soon provide further information about this on our website.

Here you will find a list of 4* hotels in Rozvadov :

Orange House: A small cozy house only 50 m away from King's. Distance from Kings: 50m

Yellow House: The Yellow House offers a wide selection of 4-star deluxe rooms. Distance from Kings: 150m

Olympia: A complex of two buildings, which offers a wide selection of elegant 4-star rooms. Distance from Kings: 600m

La Corte: The building is reminiscent of Latin American architecture and offers a wide selection of beautifully renovated 4-star rooms. Distance from Kings: 400m

Hotel booking - simple as one plus two

To book accommodation for The Festival Rozvadov 2024, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact Information: To make a reservation, kindly reach out to us via email or WhatsApp. For any additional inquiries regarding accommodation, feel free to contact us as well.
  2. Reservation Details: When making a reservation, please provide the following essential information:
    • Your full name (first and last)
    • Nationality
    • Contact details
    • Check-in date
    • Check-out
  3. Hotel preference - please let us know here whether you would like to stay in a slightly more luxurious 5-star hotel or a more affordable 4-star hotel (check details below).
  4. Additionally, please specify whether you require accommodation for yourself only or if you need assistance with double/twin/triple room options. If booking for multiple individuals, kindly prepare the necessary details for your roommates in advance.
  5. Payment Information: Details regarding payment for your reservation will be sent to you after the booking process is completed. Your confirmation will include additional information on how to proceed with the payment.

We appreciate your interest in staying with us during The Festival Rozvadov 2024 and look forward to providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What about breakfast?

The only "small issue" with accommodation in Rozvadov is breakfast, which is offered at the buffet area located within the casino during The Festival Rozvadov (as well as all other festivals at Kings Resort). This means a short walk is required for breakfast. However, everyone has the option to choose whether and where to have breakfast, or even if they want to eat at all. Breakfast can also be enjoyed at eateries in Rozvadov and the surrounding area, for which we will soon provide our recommendations.

ATTENTION! Additional information to note is that all casino visitors in Rozvadov must pay a €10 entrance fee, valid until the following morning (entrance must be paid separately each day; some package winners already have entrance included, so no separate payment is required). On a positive note, this entrance fee include a one-time entry to the buffet area, effectively providing one meal per day. You can use it for either breakfast or lunch. For dinner or late-night snacks (the buffet area closes around 3 am local time). Also please note that you will find soft drink vending machines in the casino and festival area, which are free to use in connection with the entrance.