The Sweet Smell of Sixes for Franke

Franke telling your blogger the whole truth and nothing but the truth

"Dana!! Big hand!!" Ah, the unmistakable dulcet tones of Franke von Zweigbergk bellowing across the room. I scuttled over to find out what was going on.

"Ask him," said Franke, "My boss," and indicated Kresten Hougaard across the table.

"I don't remember," deadpanned Hougaard, who had just 10k or so left in front of him.

Another player at the table informed me that three players had seen a 6 4 2 flop and Hougaard had bet out around 4k; Franke made the call and they went heads up to the K turn, which Hougaard checked. Franke shoved, and after a significant time in the tank, Hougaard called with pocket fives - only to find Franke holding 6 7 for a pair of sixes, as well as a club flush draw that never came in.

"Don't report the clubs though," Franke warned me - I suppose he has an image he wants me to help him project. Sorry boss. Anyway, Franke von Zweigbergk is now above his starting stack on around 40k, much to everybody's surprise, not least his own.