Tomb Kaidar

Kaidar Viikman, who put on a very good show at the cabaret bar the other night, is among the growing number of Main Event players now at the rail after pushing with pocket nines and getting a call from Martin Ilavsky holding AK which spiked a classic ace on the river. Ilavsky is up to 350k or so, and Viikman is busto. He could have a fine career ahead of him in cabaret though if poker doesn't work out.

These are all the ITM exits so far:

60Robert Manner€1,000
61Kaidar Viikman€1,000
62Jonas Kovacs€1,000
63Tiikka Tiensuu€1,000
64Jiri Kocab€1,000
65Ondrej Jakubcik€1,000
66Peter Muhlbek€1,000
67Giuseppe Saitta€1,000
68Peter Cekan€1,000
69Daniel Homedahl€1,000
70Patrick Jowa€1,000
71Fabian Gumz€1,000