Viktor Loses A Big Un

There was a complete 8 7 Q J 5 board on the table and David Vedral (SB) was already all in; Viktor Eriksson (BB) had disappeared into the tank.

At the next table, Martin Mauthner pushed with A 10 from the cutoff to an under-the-gun min-raise from Peter Hanke holding 9 9 ; he soon doubled up to 900k, the board running out 4 4 10 7 3 , while Hanke dropped to 2.4 million.

Eriksson was meanwhile still in the tank.

On Table 18, Igor Panák open-shoved from the button, and got away with just the blinds.

On Table 19, still Eriksson tanked. I was beginning to think he was planning to stay there until someone busted from the other table.

After what seemed like an eternity, he finally made the call with A J for second pair - but found it severely lacking against Vedral's 9 10 straight.

Down to less than 200k, Eriksson seemed the favourite to finish in 10th place, but he's so far tripled and then doubled up, and is now back to 1.1 million. This could take longer than we expected it to...