We Need a New Interviewer

Andreas Hoglund: glorious Blackjack Champion!

The €225 + €25 Blackjack Championship was won yesterday by none other than The Festival's own Andreas Hoglund, which doesn't look like a fix at all. In his own words:

"The day 2 and the final day 3 of the BJ tournament was merged into one since all players wanted to free up time to play other things tomorrow, seems like the Festival concept is working... 🙂

So 8 players first played down to 6 before we had our final table set. There all players again started with 10k chips and a total of 60 hands was to be played before we crowned a winner who would walk home with the check of 1800€ At first it was a pretty tight field playing almost only mimimum bets through the first three 15-hand levels. As the minimum bet continued to rise though, the players got a bit more aggressive and we lost our sixth place finisher around hand 40.

Fifth place finisher went out just after that and the four remaining players battled for the 3 prizes. Among them was Ruben from Acroud and Andreas "Wiseguy" from the Festivals media team who you might have seen doing interviews and clips this week. With six hands left we had a finnish player all in, he stood on 17 but the dealer drew 19 and we were in the money. Tactics and betting order got really important in the end and the players counted each others chips numerous times to find the best way of beating the others. With two hands left Andreas went all in while the two others made min.bets, with Andreas winning that hand he went from third to first with only one hand left... He made a min bet, forcing the other two to go all in to have a chance at victory, and when the dealer pulled 21 for the very last hand it sealed the faith of Ruben and (xxx??) and Wiseguy was the winner of the inaugural The Festival Black Jack Tournament !

The only question now is, who will do the winner interview....??"

We're taking applications now, if anyone is interested...