Ylva Thorsrud Wins the Acroud Charity SNG

The Acroud Charity Tournament is over and has been decisively won by Norwegian scene stalwart Ylva Thorsrud. The final hand, relegating Kresten Hougaard to second place, looked like so:

Thorsrud: 8 2
Hougaard: 5 5

Board: A-9-2-8-2 making Thorsrud a full house.

Thorsud and Hougaard split the 8k prize money 60 / 40. Her share (€4,800) will go to SOS Children's Villages and Hougaards share (€3,200) will be donated towards the Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Malta.

I lamented to Thorsud that we were unable to watch her victory owing to a faulty livestream. "That's so typical," she exclaimed, "The one time I win! Normally I bust out first. But it means we can drink a lot."