You win Some, you lose Some (or everything)

Aleksandar Tomovic
Aleksandar Tomovic - spiking straights on the river

It was only a couple of hands ago that the Greek Nikolaos Tsitos luckily doubled up with Q-9 against Aces. He was much less lucky this time we passed by his table.

On a flop of 7 6 5 he was involved in a big pot with Aleksandar Tomovic. There were 13k in the middle already and Tomovic bet 6k. Tsitos moved all-in for a total of 25k chips. Tomovic quickly called and turned over 8 7 for top pair and a straight draw. Tsitos had 9 9 for a better pair and a gutshot.

Turn: Q

River: 9

With Tsitos making a set Tomovic made a straight and raked in the massive pot while Tsitos was sent to the rails.