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Wrapping up a Terrific Festival in Tallinn

Wrapping up a Terrific Festival in Tallinn

The first Festival in Tallinn which was the second big event of the Festival Series is in the books and after one week and almost 40 events we wrapped up with plenty of winners, lots of fun and stories to tell.

Winners of the Festival in Tallinn

With 552 runners the Main Event was a big success and the Norwegian Eirik Kristiansen was the biggest winner of The Festival as he took down the Main Event and earned more than €56,000. In a brief, but intense battle he emerged victorious against the Finish poker veteran Jari Mähönen in the final heads-up of the Main Event.

But Kristiansen was not the only big winner during the weeklong series as daily side events, cash games, casino tournaments and sports betting competitions accompanied the Main Event.

The first winner during the week was Koen Ross from the Netherlands who took down the Opening Knock-Out Tournament. The mixed game specialist Erno Suiminen from Finland won the 8-Game tournament while Casino Friday's Frode Fagerli won the Acroud Charity Event. The Series' founder Martin "Franke" von Zweigbergk triumphed in the Open Face Chinese High Roller and Kalle Ly from Sweden won the PokerListings Deep Stack tournament. The very last winner of the week was Finland's Teeranan Chuennirun who won the final event of the series, the Festival Queens tournament. Many other players won as well. You can check them in our results overview.

Palokangas & Kotelnikov Rule Roulette and Blackjack

Poker was not the only game played in the Olympic Park Casino in Tallinn. The two big Casino Tournaments were the Blackjack Tournament and the Roulette Tournament. Together both events played out more than €10,000 in prize money and while Mats Palokangas won the Roulette Tournament, Marek Kotelnikov prevailed in the Blackjack Event.

Andreas Höglund Prevails in the Sports Betting Competition

Andreas "Wiseguy" Höglund
Andreas "Wiseguy" Höglund

The Sportsbook Tournament powered by the Gambling Cabin at The Festival in Tallinn had two different buy-in levels. There was the €30 Low Roller and the €250 Main Event. Once entered the players had to predict different sports results at play.thefestivalcom.wpengine.com such as Wimbledon Tennis, Formula 1 Qualification, Allsvenskan football and a bunch of different last longer bets in the Poker Main Event.

The Main Event was won by The Festival's own Andreas "Wiseguy" Höglund who you might have seen moderating our daily recaps. He walked away with the title, finishing just ahead of qualifier TTT.

The deciding factor came down to the Poker Main Event and the last longer on Sascha Manns. We asked Andreas Höglund, how he felt about the result and he told us: "It was really tight at the end and only when Sascha Manns busted the Poker Main Event in 9th place today I had the win secured. Would he have won his all-in against Kristoffer Winterstein I would have lost. So, thank you Kristoffer!"

Many Package Winners With Deep Runs

In the weeks leading up to the event, our partners ran dozens of satellites to the Main Event and several to the casino events. Through our partners, players could qualify for little money online and win seats and full packages to the Festival in Tallinn.

The Main Event winner, Eirik Kristiansen qualified via Casino Friday and another player at the final table, Toivo Ojasoo qualified via Coolbet.

Other qualified players with deep runs in Main Event were Oleksandra Shenderei who qualified via WPT Global, Unibet package winner Peder Behr, Johan Palokangas who qualified via Paf and Meelis Ahman who won his package at OlyBet.

16 of the 71 players who made the money ranks of the Main Event qualified via one of our online partners.

Gregory Partridge who finished 8th at the final table won our partner’s Luxon Pay Last Longer Bet. He bought into the main event with Luxon Pay and was the last Luxon Pay player standing. For winning this bet he got his buy-in back.

Parties and Activities Offside the Tables

The Festival Series is not only about Poker and Casinos games. It’s also about having plenty of fun with your friends and having a good time. It’s a one-week poker and casino vacation.

In Tallinn, we offered many side activities offside the tables, including parties, beer tasting tours and a guided medieval city tour through Tallinn.

Those are some impressions from the beer tour:

Moving on, Moving Online

The Festival Online 2022

As The Festival in Tallinn is wrapped up, the next Festival is only hours away. For the first time The Festival goes online. Our online partner 888poker is organizing The Festival Online Powered by 888poker and this tournament starts on July 7.

Until August 1 over 20 Festival Online events will run on 888poker with a total guarantee of $750,000. Every Sunday the Series will have one $215 Highlight Event with a $100,000 guarantee and a $525 High Roller with a $40,000 guarantee.

On the last weekend of the Series, the Main Event will guarantee $150,000 and run over days.

The Festival Returns to Bratislava

Stay tuned for more updates about The Festival Series. Away from the Online Tables, the next Live Festival will run in Bratislava. From October 10 until October 16 we will return to the Banco Casino and this time we’re coming back with a $500,000 guarantee. Acroud, the company behind The Festival Series, is thrilled to welcome everyone back to The Festival in Bratislava, the city where the Festival Series began in 2021.

2022 Festival Bratislava