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  • Are you up for the Cash Game Challenge? Win a €1,600 package at The Festival Bratislava

Are you up for the Cash Game Challenge? Win a €1,600 package at The Festival Bratislava

Are you up for the Cash Game Challenge? Win a €1,600 package at The Festival Bratislava

Some of you may not know that before Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk created The Festival Series he enjoyed success - and brought a lot of joy to poker fans from around the globe - with the Cash Game Festival tour. As the name suggests, the focus was specifically on cash games, the idea being to fill a void in a sea of tournament festivals so that those who prefer cash games could also have a tour in which to get involved.

Of course, today, with The Festival, Franke’s evolution has gone full steam ahead, with a poker offering that features both an exciting and packed tournament schedule (featuring a €500,000 GTD Main Event!)and cash games 24/7, as well as (a great touch) competitions revolving around Blackjack, Roulette and even Sports Betting to finish the set. There’s a saying – attributed to the 15th century monk and poet, John Lydgate and later adapted by US President Abaraham Lincoln – which goes something along the lines of: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” … Alas, neither the monk nor the president had the good fortune to meet Franke who, with The Festival, has managed to please all of the people all of the time.

A worthy feature of the Cash Game Festival has been reincarnated much to the pleasure of players and online spectators alike, namely the Cash Game Challenge. The Festival Bratislava (October 10-16) will see the eventual winner of this exciting challenge be awarded a €1,600 package to the next leg of the Series.

The idea of the Cash Game Challenge is to host several cash games during the festival at tables specifically dedicated to this competition. The player who emerges when the dust has settled with the largest profit in terms of Big Blinds will be rewarded with the €1,600 package! And to give everyone a chance of glory there’ll be a selection of games available, including NLH and PLO4 games each with stakes of €2/€2, €5/€5 and €10/€10. To play, turn up at the Cash Game Area at least 90 minutes before the session starts. Check out the full Schedule for The Festival Bratislava to find your preferred game/stakes.

Play at the Cash Game Challenge Live Broadcast Table

Andy Warhol famously predicted that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. You’ll get more than that at the Live Cash Game Challenge table, so bring along your most convincing poker face, your best game and maybe even make a fashion statement alongside your poker skills. Speaking of which - your writer has been fortunate enough to play at the Live table, and a few years ago, at a Cash Game Festival event in London, we welcomed a player who had indeed made a special effort, buying a new shirt for the occasion. We (and everyone watching the live feed...) knew this because the rather large price tag was in full view...

Illari Sahamies.
Ilari Sahamies

Test your poker skills against a legend

One player who is no stranger to fame who will be gracing the tables at The Festival Bratislava is Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies - a name some of you might well be familiar with given that over the years he’s been involved in some of the biggest cash games with the biggest names in poker. You could face him in the quest to win the Cash Game Challenge … read up about him in our interview - it might prove useful!

By now you should be inspired to come along to The Festival Bratislava, immerse yourself in poker and maybe rub shoulders with a star of the game. Don’t forget that another special part of the series is the plethora of hospitality activities away from the tables that includes wine tasting, great food and a tour of the delightful Slovakian capital - check out our Hospitality article to find out more.    

So, there you have it... come to Bratislava for great poker, big money, special prizes and a holiday atmosphere you’ll experience only at The Festival!

Full Cash Game schedule

MON OCT 10th20:0020:30Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/€2 Texas250NO
22:3023:00Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/€2 PLO250NO
TUE OCT 11th20:00N/ACash Game Festival Challenge €2/€2 Texas250NO
22:30N/ACash Game Festival Challenge €2/€2 PLO250NO
WED OCT 12th20:0020:30Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/€2 PLO250YES
22:30N/ACash Game Festival Challenge €2/€2 Texas250NO
THU OCT 13th20:0020:30Cash Game Festival Challenge €2/€2 Texas250YES
22:30N/ACash Game Festival Challenge €2/€2 PLO250NO
FRI OCT 14th20:0020:30Cash Game Festival Challenge €5/€5 Texas500YES
22:3023:00Cash Game Festival Challenge €5/€5 PLO500YES
SAT OCT 15th20:00N/ACash Game Festival Challenge €10/€10 Texas1000NO
22:30N/ACash Game Festival Challenge €10/€10 PLO1000NO