Fill Yer Boots!

Beyond the Main Event, today's schedule is absolutely packed with diverse events to suits every taste and every pocket.

At 3pm there's another €30 + €5 supersat to the Main Event, and then at 5pm you have the choice of the €100 + €100 + €20 NLH Knockout or the €1,000 + €100 PLO High Roller event. At 6pm there's the third and final start day of the €225 + €25 Blackjack Championship, and then at 9pm it's your last chance to join the €225 + €25 Roulette Championship. If you're still looking for action after that, at 10pm there'll be Stand 'N' Go Texas Flips, at a variety of buy-in levels - plus don't forget we've got 24/7 cash games going on downstairs in the casino.

The full schedule for the week may be found here.